Use cases

Shopping Center Letnany

Defines the number of visitors in the shopping center. The route, where most customers go in the store. Determination of the advertising areas that they follow the longest? All this can be obtained from CCTV recordings. Within its functions, CertiConVis can define many situations from which very valuable data can be obtained for marketing purposes and statistics. How do we use our Letňany shopping center in the system?

The town of Lysa nad Labem

The usability of the system for municipalities is one of the key features of CertiConVis. The city of Lysá nad Labem is approaching solving problems in a very innovative manner, especially with the assistance of technologies of the future. Hand in hand with the deployment of the new camera systém, detection system CertiConVis was installed which helped to increase the safety of citizens and at the same time effectively solved the issue of parking in the village.

SPEL a.s.

Parking is currently considered a major problem. With the increasing number of vehicles on the road, it is necessary to make more use of modern technologies that can address the situation efficiently and respond in real time. One example of future use is the implementation of an intelligent parking management system in urban parking zones. This solution belongs to the category of services for “Smart City” projects and thus belongs to other systems for improving the quality of human lives. It will not only helps drivers, but will also significantly reduce the environmental burden ”.

Václav Havel Airport Prague Ruzyně

In cooperation with CertiConVis distributor (CCV), Intego and system integrator ABBAS, we won a very important contract in 2018. Our system was chosen to increase security at the Václav Havel Airport in Prague Ruzyně.

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What are the advantages of the system?


CertiConVis can combine security and data collection functions for various purposes and analyses needs. Several independent solutions can be replaced by one system.


CertiConVis can be customized according to the client’s exact requirements. In this way, we are able to respond to market requirements in the long term and prepare the system for constantly arising new situations.


The system offers maximum security and protection of monitored data. All situation analyses can be performed on servers located at the client location and the data is not sent to any third party.

CertiConVis system can also be obtained in the form of a grant, CertiCon provides:

  • Grant consultancy – finding suitable grant schemes and project partners
  • Preparation of aid applications for Industry 4.0
  • Project management and support activities
  • Consultancy in national and European grant titles
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CertiConVis system can also be obtained in the form of a grant, CertiCon provides: CertiConVis system can also be obtained in the form of a grant, CertiCon provides: