The town of Lysa nad Labem

The town of Lysa nad Labem

The usability of the system for municipalities is one of the key features of CertiConVis. The city of Lysá nad Labem is approaching solving problems in a very innovative manner, especially with the assistance of technologies of the future. Hand in hand with the deployment of the new camera systém, detection system CertiConVis was installed which helped to increase the safety of citizens and at the same time effectively solved the issue of parking in the village.

Applied system functions

  • analyza
  • detekce
  • parkovani

The modernization of the CCTV system and the deployment of the CertiConVis analytical software bring many benefits to towns and municipalities. The city of Lysá nad Labem uses mainly the functions for security and parking.

Security area:

With the help of the CertiConVis system, the municipality is now in a much better position to ensure the safety of its citizens. Currently, CertiConVis detects such as unauthorized intrusions into buildings, unauthorized entry to sites in the local castle park which houses many valuable statues from Count Spork’s time or the destruction of playgrounds by vandals that roam the city at night.

Parking in the city:

The city is also burdened with a large number of poorly parked vehicles in connection with the local exhibition grounds. The new system addresses this issue very quickly and efficiently by designating non-stop zones. This protects public green areas and entrances to the residents’ homes. System administrators themselves define zones where parking is allowed and where not.


The city of Lysá nad Labem aims to provide citizens with ideal conditions for a safe and harmonious life. CertiConVis analytical software helps achieve this goal in several areas. The aim in the future will be to continue to expand the camera system in the city and find other ways of applying CertiConVis in practice.

The town of Lysá nad Labem is the first town in the Central Bohemian Region where this modern technology of artificial intelligence is deployed.