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CertiConVis in brief:

CertiConVis is a sophisticated system for analyzing images from cameras both in real-time and from recordings. Currently, most CCTV systems act as evidence in the event of an undesirable situation. Hours and hours of back tracking records, high error rates in analyses and the necessary presence of an employee, often a very costly factor, are a thing of the past with CertiConVis.


Who is the system for?

CertiConVis system is widely used in many fields. It is designed for situations that require either real-time immediate response or video forensics. You will find its application not only as an innovative security element based on artificial intelligence but also as a sophisticated data collection system with a wide range of applications.

Our clients currently include:

  • security forces, including state institutions
  • shopping centers and operators of public areas
  • industrial buildings with transnational scope
  • a number of private investors
  • cities, towns, and villages administrative agencies

Video demonstrations using the system

Detection and person counting

Detection and person counting

Vehicle movement detection

Vehicle movement detection

Detection in parking lots

Detection in parking lots

Motion detection

Motion detection

What are the advantages of the system?


CertiConVis can combine security and data collection functions for various purposes and analyses needs. Several independent solutions can be replaced by one system.


CertiConVis can be customized according to the client’s exact requirements. In this way, we are able to respond to market requirements in the long term and prepare the system for constantly arising new situations.


The system offers maximum security and protection of monitored data. All situation analyses can be performed on servers located at the client location and the data is not sent to any third party.

CertiConVis system can also be obtained in the form of a grant, CertiCon provides:

  • Grant consultancy – finding suitable grant schemes and project partners
  • Preparation of aid applications for Industry 4.0
  • Project management and support activities
  • Consultancy in national and European grant titles
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CertiConVis system can also be obtained in the form of a grant, CertiCon provides: CertiConVis system can also be obtained in the form of a grant, CertiCon provides:

Use of CertiConVis system

CertiConVis is developed by the Czech corporation CertiCon a.s.. Our team of leading developers can thus respond to market challenges very quickly and prepare ever-new applications across many sectors.

Security of public areas

At a time when security is increasingly important, systems need to be developed that can flexibly adapt to increasing threats. Whether it is a standard intrusion, unauthorized intrusion, violent activity, or for example, discarded baggage – CertiConVis is always ready to alert the user. Just define the object and activity that you want to watch within the scene and then let the whole system work for you. CertiConVis helps to suppress criminal or terrorist activities and thus improves living standards and safety in cities or public spaces.

Traffic situation analysis

CertiConVis can analyze images from cameras in real time and from video. It can therefore be used as an “alarm” in situations where an accident or a traffic violation could occur, such as a one-way street, red driving, turning at an intersection, driving onto a motorway in the opposite direction and many other situations that are often life critical for the general public. Also, the system can automatically evaluate the situation from the camera recording retrospectively. The advantage is that the system itself can select defined situations from the record and show them individually, so it is not necessary to analyze the recorded hours manually.

Marketing statistics

The number of visitors at a trade fair or shopping center? The most visited historical monuments? The route, where most customers go in the store, or which advertising promo have they been watching the longest? All this can be obtained from CCTV recordings. CertiConVis is able to define many situations within its functions from which it is possible to obtain very valuable data for marketing purposes and statistics. Moreover, it can of course be used as a classic security system. In one single system, you get multiple types of features that have been solved separately by people or complex and expensive technology solutions.

Production processes

CertiConVis can also be used in manufacturing processes in industrial plants. Using camera images we can detect the right movement of workers on the premises, compliance with safety regulations, the correct process of production processes, etc. A great benefit can be the possibility of object detection at individual workplaces. The system can detect for example, different colors, materials, object size and more using a camera image.

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